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If you use AWS, then you use AWS IAM.

Getting IAM working right is hard, and if you get it wrong you risk damaging your application and your reputation.

This book is everything you need to know about IAM in one resource.

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    The Practical AWS IAM Guide is what I wish I knew about IAM when I got started on AWS. I want to save people all the pain and frustration I’ve been through.

    Rowan Udell

    Sydney, Australia

    What you get:

    Simple, clear explinations how use AWS IAM correctly.

    Diagrams to help you understand advanced concepts quickly.

    Cheatsheets for easy reference.

    Screencasts on key aspects.

    What is it all about?

    AWS IAM is the only essential AWS service. While it's easy to get started with IAM, it's hard to master, and getting it wrong can cost you. A lot.

    As part of the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, you're responsible for your security in the cloud, and IAM is a big part of how you do that.